About the AAKC

Under the guidance of Morris Lawrence III, students learn self-defense, develop balance, fitness, coordination, self-confidence, and discipline through the practice of Shotokan Karate techniques, and forms.

About the Instructor

Morris Lawrence III, 6th Dan, Chief Instructor AJKA-I Michigan, USA

Morris Lawrence III is a Rokudan (7th degree black belt). He began training in Shotokan Karate  in 1981, and achieved Shodan (1st degree black belt) in 1984.  In the same year he started teaching as a volunteer instructor, and in 1990 he became the Chief Instructor.  He has extensive National and International competition experience.  

AAKC Brief History

The AAKC was founded in the early 1970’s and has served the Ann Arbor area and community for almost 50 years.  For a short period, training was held in the basement of a church in down town Ann Arbor until permanent space was found at the Ann Arbor YMCA. The club was under the leadership of the following instructors:

                              • Ron Alair  (1970)
                              • Steve Magee  (1980)
                              • Paul Minshull (1980)
                              • Glen Glenn (1982-1990)
                              • Morris Lawrence III (1990- present)

AAKC is a member of the AJKA-I USA and AAU Karate

 “The mission of the AJKA-I Karate Association is two-fold:   

First, the perfection of traditional Japanese Shotokan technique through attention to detail. For only by perfecting the details can we realize the full potential of our art and ourselves. 

Second, to instruct practitioners in a way that makes Karate relevant to the real world. For Karate is more than just one of the most complete systems of self-defense. It is a way of transforming everything we do – inside and outside of the Dojo. These goals are directed by our Guiding Principles: Character, Sincerity, Effort, Self-control, and Courtesy.”  

-Bob Tomasulo AJKA-I USA President