Basic Dojo Etiquette

Basic Dojo Etiquette, Attendance, & Personal Care

Be on time for training. Try not to be late, but if you are late, bow in, then quietly kneel (seiza), and await acknowledgement from the Sensei. Also, please let the Sensei know in advance if you are going to be late, or if there are special circumstances that prevent you from being on time on an ongoing basis or occasionally.

Keep your uniform (gi) clean and in good repair.

Wear your uniform at every training. Carry your belt inside equipment bag or rolled inside your uniform. (Exception: beginners are not required to wear a gi.)

Practice good hygiene. Keep your finger and toe nails clean, trimmed, and filed to avoid injuries.

For safety, do not wear jewelry, watches, or rings during training.

Class Time

Bow when entering and leaving the dojo.

Be attentive and alert in class. Don’t lounge about, talk, or walk in a casual manner during class or warm-ups. If asked by the Sensei to move from one area to another the rule is, “if it is more than two steps – run!”

When in attention (or listening to instruction) place your hands crossed in front, back, or hanging at your sides. Keep hands off of hips at all times, this shows disrespect.  Pay attention and be aware of what you are doing at all times.

Always refer to the senior instructor as Sensei, and senior students as Sempai.

Always address and treat with respect your instructor (Sensei), senior students (Sempai), peers and junior students (kohai), and the dojo.

Be prepared to help clean the dojo. When cleaning the floor with the wet towel, the least senior member should start first, then turn taken by the next rank up (white belts, color belts, then black belts).  The instructors should not be doing this first.  If they do, urgently and politely say that you will do it, and take the task over.  This duty of cleaning the floor has been done by everyone, starting at white belt level.

Assist your Sensei with demonstrations of techniques, and help your fellow students while at the dojo.

If you have to leave the training floor, raise your hand, and await acknowledgement from the Sensei.

Most important – train hard! Prepare mentally to push yourself, and to be pushed, every time you train.  Strive for good technique and control, always.

Uniforms (Gi)
Ask Sensei where you can purchase one, or he can also purchase it for you.